Summer Weekends Are The Best

Summer Weekends Oh the Wine

This weekend was glorious. Out in the country, at the late, in a cabin with lots of friends. We had so much fun. We might have had too much fun. Today I am dragging!! I have a headache, bags under the bags under my eyes and feel worn out. After all of the wild fun, today is all about the weekend detox, lemon water and veggies. Since I am so tired ... read this

What I Ate Wednesday (or Yesterday)

Tasty Eats From My Day

Good Morning! Yesterday happened to be a very tasty and healthy day of eats, so I took so pics and put together a What I Ate Wednesday Post. I love keeping track of what I eat. It pushes me to pick tasty and healthy options and keeps me accountable. Its good to take a look at what we eat every once in a while and do a health ... read this

Back to School Essentials: The Teacher Edition

Back to School Essentials Teacher Addition

There are four more weeks until I go back to school, and all the kiddos come with me. I must tell the truth here, I am excited. Yes, going back to school means long work ours, an endless amount of stress, sleepless nights, and a constant strand of germs. But it also means an exciting new year of students and challenges! This will be my second ... read this

An August Blush Wedding

An August Blush Wedding Run Away Freckles

And let the fun begin! We are exactly a year away from our big day! Can you tell I'm excited? It might seem silly to be knee deep in wedding plans an entire year away, but if you think that you probably haven't planned a wedding. Turns out you need to book/plan things for your wedding in advance. And I mean like WAAAYYY in advance. But that it okay ... read this

A Day in the Life and WIAW

Muffin Maddness RAF

I haven't done a post like thins in a long time. Probably because I am horrid at documenting my life in pictures. I am constantly finding myself without my phone and then my 'Day in the Life' post becomes a 'Glimpse at Half My Morning' post, sigh. I am working on that and yesterday it actually happened. So I thought a little What I Ate Wednesday ... read this

The Weekend in Pictures 08/01/15

Weekend in Pictures 14

This weekend was awesome. I had so much fun doing really fun summer things. Not to mention some wedding stuff thrown in there. I actually remembered my camera and took lots of pictures (shocker). So I am really excited to share some of our adventures. Josh went to Kingston on Saturday to visit his sister so I was on my own. I got up bright ... read this

This Week’s Workouts

This Weeks Workouts Run Away Freckles

Our engagement photo shoot is just over two months away. Which is something that I realized just right now as I went to type this post. I have some major preparations to do. I still need to call the location our photos are being taken, book a hair and makeup appointment and scour Pinterest for outfit ideas. Any help with this one would be greatly ... read this


Currently Run Away Freckles

Hi friends! Its been awhile and I promised myself that I would get back to this blog and writing this summer. In order to do that I wanted to put together a fun post to get the thoughts flowing. Not to mention, fill ya in on some of the happenings going on with me lately. I love reading other blogger's currently posts, they are fun and random and ... read this

The Weekend in Pictures

Hydrangas in the Summer RAF

The heat is on! I love summer heat, sun washed hair and even my summer freckles. I can't help it. When everyone else is complaining about the heat I really love it. Okay I love my pool, the beach, air conditioning and popscicles as well, but the heat is great. This weekend was full of heat and fun. I have decided to do a sentence per pictures to ... read this

My Week Without Cheese

So, I know I have mentioned this before but I think I have an issue with dairy. I don't know if I should call this lactose intolerance, a milk allergy or a milk intolerance. I have not had my blood tested for antibodies and have not talked to my doctor about this yet. However, I have had sneaking suspicions and feelings about my dairy tolerance for ... read this